Our background

Ray & Sarah

Sarah and Ray Reyes, owners

Hi! My name is Ray Reyes. Both my wife Sarah and I have had a lifelong passion for pets. We have owned birds, fish, cats, dogs and farm animals.

We currently have a sweet and docile purebred American Staffordshire Terrier named Konnor who is long retired from shows and breeding. Also in our family is a loving cat named Rusty McGregor, whom we acquired from Camarillo’s local pet rescue organization, C.P.A . (Concerned People for Animals). Daily we hand-feed a pair of Blue Jays who, for the past twelve years, have made our backyard a safe place to call their home and raise their own baby Jays. Finally, we have been “adopted” by a cute cottontail bunny rabbit who found his way into our backyard, which he too calls home.

Our Associates

Kevin Reyes

Terra is a long-time resident of Ventura who has always loved animals. She grew up with cats, dogs and horses and understands the deep bond we have with our furry family members. Terra met and adopted some of her rescue dogs when she volunteered for the Canine Adoption & Rescue League (CARL). In 1996, she discovered obedience and dog agility training and was hooked. She trains and compets with her dogs, and enjoys teaching others to play as a team with their dogs in agility.

Tony is our long-time neighbor. He is also an animal lover, and it shows in his work. Tony is retired from a long career in the restaurant business, and when we asked him if would help us in our busiest month, he didn't hesitate to say yes. It is our pleasure to have Tony on our team. 

Kevin Reyes

Kevin moved into our neighborhood about six years ago. One day, he hired us to pet-sit his gecko, Waldo. From there, he became a part of our team. Kevin is a lifelong animal lover; he currently cares for Riley, a beautiful blue-eyed husky/golden retriever mix. Kevin takes his assignments very seriously, and does an excellent job. We are proud to have Kevin on our team; he has become a trusted friend.

Debi not M

Debi is also a valued member of our staff. Debi is a long-time NPLH client who recently retired from a 25-year career in law enforcement. She's had dogs all her life, and now owns Roxy, a beautiful, sweet Labrador mix that she adopted from Concerned People for Animals. Debi enjoys being active and staying in shape. She's great for our team!

When you have any of our kind-hearted staff taking care of your pets, you can be sure they will receive all the love and affection they deserve!

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